haunt.d (2019)

A short comic about Blaire, teen ghost hunter, trying to impress her girlfriend by taking on a definitely very difficult and impressive ghost. This cannot go wrong.
Black and white; 22 pages.

You can purchase it here!
Or read the first 5 pages here.

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Another (2019)

A short comic about a girl who dies in the woods.

You can download it here!

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Little Red (2018)

A short comic drawn for the ‘A Little Red’ exhibition held by myself and a group of other Wellington illustrators. It is a bug sized retelling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

You can download it here!

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The Beast of Neverwood (2017)

A short comic I drew in late 2017. It’s about the various legends of a beast that used to roam the Neverwood forest.

You can download it here!

Sidequest (2015-2016)

Sidequest is a webcomic about fantasy, friends, and avoiding your destiny. It was started in 2015, but has been on hiatus due to university commitments. I intend to continue it in 2019.

You can read it here!

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